Hello. I am an artist, programmer and educator interested in the intersection of art, vernacular architecture, design, computer programming, generative processes, urban and labor history... in no particular order...

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An initial output from a project using Unity 3D to build up areas with Google Warehouse structures which I then output as object files.

The growth of these forms is modeled partly on mold growth patterns, using randomness and wayfinding to construct the formations.

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L-System Tower Cranes

Some intial tests using L-System tree building scripting.

LSystem Tower generated with LSystem rules

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Outer Loop Environs

Outer Ring Building

This project is an investigation into the architecture, aesthetic and culture along the outer ring highways of Midwestern American cities. Along the three-digit loop highways are the office parks, chain restaurants, clinics and municipal facilities that compromise the environment of the neither here nor there.

I've always found these areas fascinating. They are simultaneously populated and empty, usually well manicured, garbage free. These are transition zones between older urban cores and the vast shuddering expanse of exurbs, suburbs and country towns that spread out for miles.

For this project, I travel around these beltways/loops and photograph particularly interesting buildings and tableaus. The image above is a building of indeterminate use on the outside of Columbus, Ohio. It is an AutoCAD model made real, lots of glass and a large parking lot. The models are created in Sketchup and I compare them to my photographs and to imagery from in Google Earth/Streetview to maintain proper scale, texture and material appearance.

Ultimately, they will be manifested as real-time, slightly animated 'photographs.'

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Reflections on living in Tornado Alley

Tornado 35

Tornado 35

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Procedural Drawings

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Old Timey Postcards

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